Character Advancement Guide

Quest/Action Requirement NPC Map Rewards
Welcome to Temoz!
Welcome to Quanato!
Level 1 Quest Panel (press Q) Temoz
Experience + 2mil + Quiver + TP Scroll bundle + Shue Potion
The evil spirit that I have caught before (T)
The evil spirit that I have caught before (Q)
Level 60 to 75 TorriBier
T / Q Field
Experience + Storage Box
Beginner's Gift Level 70
- Free
Web Character Panel Level 100 super shue
Grade 6 Set with weapon (Maxed)
All normal skills level 1
Bentren, an unrequited lover
Level 50-95 Bentren Rangdel Second Floor Experience
Kaduru was a mercenary?
Level 90-120 Billero Selvarb First Floor Experience
Ewealla of Rangdel Fourth Floor Level 90-155 Linsen Rangdel Fourth Floor Experience
Grade 8 weapon (Maxed) Level 110
- Free
- Only 1 per Account
Web Character Panel Weapon of your choice.
Note: The reward is free with 30% mounting
Damurr's test
Level 110-140 Damurr Clarb Third Floor Experience
Grade 8 Set (Maxed) Level 120
- Cost 200 Mil wz
- Only 1 per Account
Web Character Panel Note: Kit will be maxed with no mounting
Kit of your choice
New Weapon (T)
New Weapon (Q)
Level 120-159 Yarrmo
Niflgarr Experience
Arteries from Herene Level 120-159 Kinstone Selvarb Second Floor Experience
Grade 9 Set (Maxed) Level 161
- Cost 25 Grinita Coins
- Only 1 per Account
Web Character Panel Note: Kit will be maxed with no mounting
Kit of your choice
The Mistake of the moment Level 160 - 161 Rameda Tocsique 1st Floor Experience
Lady in red Mantle (cloak) Level 160 - 162 Siiia (Hatrel) Parmurrcallea Experience
Power Vs. Power Level 160 - 162 Hahlleva (Hatrel) Tocsique Second Floor Experience
Alder leaves Level 161 - 164 Sprakki Bughye Experience
Pulpikan! Erlen! Just wait and see! Level 162 - 163 Sprakki (Clororence) Bughye Experience
Head of Purr Level 162 - 165 Dreng (Clororence) Clororence Experience
An Exciting Proposition Level 160 - 165 Gilraen (Clororence) Clororence Lore
Hautz's Secret (T)
Hautz's Secret (Q)
Level 100 - 165 Yarrmo
Rangdel Fourth Floor NPC Relation
Carnelian - The Hunt Level 165 Sprakki (Clororence) Clororence Carnelian
Hunting Contest - Preliminary Round Level 110 - 165 Yarrmo Beta Maps 1 x Woonz Coupon (100 mil), 1 x HP Candy
Niflgar Party (Primary Leveling) Level 160 - 165 - Niflgarr Experience
Clarb 3rd Floor Party (Secondary Leveling) Level 160 - 165 - Clarb 3rd Floor Experience
Mercenary Leveling (Solo or Party) None - Kelp Manor & Kelp Garden Goals towards Elatus Honors
Change mercenary colors (Level 101,201)

Elatus Daily Quests

Quest/Action Level Frequency Map Rewards Quest Giver
Capabilty test (Hatrel High Exp) 100 - 162 Everyday Once Vellgrador Forest High Exp & Lore Website / Damurr
Selvarbian Blue Heart (Beta High Exp) 100 - 162 Everyday Once Selvarb 3rd Floor High Exp & Lore Website / TorrBier
For the Homeless (High Woonz) 100 - 162 Everyday Once Clarb 3rd Floor High Woonz (30mil) Website / Kaduru
Misconduct 163 - 165 Everyday Once Bughye High Exp Website / Dreng
Let's find Banshiu in Bughye 163 - 165 Everyday Once Bughye High Exp Website / Dreng

Web Exchange Coin

Current Exchange Rate
Web Exchange Coins Webshop Coins
1 40

Acquiring web exchange coin crafting items

Web Exchange Coin

Episode 5 Unique Skills Drop List

Erinyu (Sidhe Field)

Ishida (Hamutz 1)

Arr Ishida (Hamutz 2)

Di Ishida (Hamutz 3)

Crystellen1 Element Mine1 Fire Voretx1 Lighting Storm1
Crystellen2 Element Mine2 Fire Voretx2 Lighting Storm2
Crystellen3 Element Mine3 Fire Voretx3 Lighting Storm3
Shockwave1 Ice Vortex1 Stun Mine1 Poison Mine1
Shockwave2 Ice Vortex2 Stun Mine2 Poison Mine2
Shockwave3 Ice Vortex3 Stun Mine3 Poison Mine3
Basic Mine1 Regeneration1 High Cruize1 Blood Thirst1
Basic Mine2 Regeneration2 High Cruize2 Blood Thirst2
Basic Mine3 Regeneration3 High Cruize3 Blood Thirst3
Hells Rage1 Soul Sacrifice1 Advanced MP Advanced HP
Hells Rage2 Divine Resurrection1 Venom Shield1 Divine Heal1
Hells Rage3 Divine Resurrection2 Venom Shield2 Divine Heal2
Farcry1 Divine Resurrection3 Venom Shield3 Divine Heal3
Farcry2 Elegance1 Elegance2 Elegance3
Farcry3 Wide Darts2 Wide Darts1 Wide Darts3
Deny Mechanism1 Sand Storm1 Reduce Defense1 Windwalk1
Deny Mechanism2 Sand Storm2 Reduce Defense2 Windwalk2
Deny Mechanism3 Sand Storm3 Reduce Defense3 Windwalk3


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Elatus Honors

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