Elatus Journey Guide

Once you land into this game DO NOT QUIT the Beginner Quest.

Beginner Quest
Welcome to Temoz!
Welcome to Quanato!
Level 1 Quest Panel (press Q) Temoz
Experience + 2mil + Quiver + TP Scroll + Shue Potion


This is a simple quest that entails meeting different NPCs in the town. If you do these quests properly to the point where you get to kill 5 memoras and report back to Arena Managers (Seniere or Sioo) and you would become 70 level. If you quit half way you would be somewhere between 61 - 70. Either way, the first thing you can do is to go to website and login to login panel and collect Beginner's Gift

Beginner's Gift

Level 70

- Free

Character Panel

Level 100 super shue

Grade 6 Set with weapon (Maxed)

All normal skills level 1


This will equip you with 100 Level Super Shue and a max Grade 6 set and level 1 normal skills. 


  • If you happen to go to a map and forgot to buy Teleportation Scroll, Use Offline Teleport in the Character panel of the website.  
  • As a player, you can make 2-3 characters, level them to Level 61 and take Beginner's Gift several times and Sell them to make 2-3 mil woonz per character. 
  • Never remove/unequip the G6 set or weapon you got as Beginner's gift or the Super Shue nor let it die till you are 101+ levels.
  • Remember you cannot buy mercenaries untill you are 60 level or above and also need 500,000 Woonz to buy a mercenary.

Questing Journey Continues...

Once you are done with these, whether you are 61 or 70 Level you can take the next Quest from TorriBier/Nerrmarr. Go ahead take it and start hunting 100 Memoras in the same town field from where you have taken the quest, 100 Noblens in Fairmode and 100 Olgocs in Carode.

The evil spirit that I have caught before (T)
The evil spirit that I have caught before (Q)
Level 70 TorriBier
T / Q Field
Level up + Storage Box

If you have taken this quest at 70 you will become 90+ levels if you have taken this before that, you might be stuck at 89 Levels or below. Do the following quest:

Bentren, an unrequited lover Level 50-95 Bentren Rangdel Second Floor Experience

or just go to Niflgarr and start killing Taunhats from far never tank any creep of Niflgarr. Few kills will make you 90 levels. 

Once you become 90 level, Go to Billero in Quanato and take the next quest: Kaduru was a mercenary?

In this Quest you have to kill 105 each Wimos, Rontu, and Foman in Selvarb First Floor. Do this quest till you are 120 level. 

Kaduru was a mercenary? Level 90-120 Billero Selvarb First Floor Level up


  • Note this map gives little exp to mercenary so we would suggest you to buy a mercenary before going ahead with this quest.
  • Remember the server offers G8 30% max weapon fo your choice (once per account) for Free at 110 level from the character panel


Once you reach 120 level you are eligbile for a G8 max Kit of your choice  (once per account) which you can claim from the character panel however you it will cost you to 200 Million Woonz as a requirement. 

Now at this point remember few things...

You can have multiple Goals that you can pursue:

  • Trying to collect 200 mil for G8 kit offered by server from login panel
  • Going ahead with leveling your character to finish the leveling cycle by doing quests
  • Mercenary leveling so that you can hunt for woonz, quest for leveling faster
  • Acquiring and Maxing Normal Skills uptill level 3
  • Collecting/Crafting Grinita Coins for G9 Set, G10 Weapon, Web coins.

1. Woonz collection
At this point, you can continue to level up your character on and off but you can make woonz, or even collect items for future by hunting Beta bosses and Mini bosses.
Mini bosses would be the easiest to kill. To find out where mini-bosses spawn refer Mini-boss Locations. Also note Beta bosses and Little Kwaons can be found in Nevia canyon as well. 


2. Leveling Ahead

You have a lot of quests available at this point.

Ewealla of Rangdel Fourth Floor Level 90-155 Linsen Rangdel Fourth Floor Experience
Damurr's test Level 110-140 Damurr Clarb Third Floor Experience
New Weapon (T)
New Weapon (Q)
Level 120-159 Yarrmo
Niflgarr Experience
Arteries from Herene Level 120-159 Kinstone Selvarb Second Floor Experience

You can do Ewealla of Rangdel Fourth Floor uptil 155 Levels and then do Niflgarr Quest (New Weapon) which can be done till you are 159 Levels. 

If you are patient and want to make some woonz and like to do via quest especially Hunting Contest - Preliminary Round.

For the Homeless (High Woonz) Level 100 - 162 Everyday Once/Kaduru Clarb 3rd Floor High Woonz (30mil)
Hunting Contest - Preliminary Round Level 110 - 165 Yarrmo Clarb, Selvarb 3rd Floor 1 x Woonz Coupon (100 mil), 1 x HP Candy


3. Mercenary Leveling

A suggestion would be to claim G6 sets for mercenary by making new characters so you can keep equip mercnary with these kits for swift and easy leveling.

Mercnaries can be leveled up in Kelp Manor (KM) or Kelp Garden (KG) which can be accessed via Citadel.

Both Kelp Garden (KG) and Kelp Manor (KM) are Non-PK zones. Players can form parties for higher EXP and Go AFK and level up mercenaries in these maps. 

2 types of mercenaries in A3 Elatus are deemed superier for hunting / tanking: Archer mercenary and Holy Knight (HK) mercenary because of their ability to share passives with the players

  • For an Archer mercenary 101+ Levels are a good benchmark for questing in Niff
  • For HK mercenary, 120+ Levels can tank Beta bosses very easily. 

4. Acquiring Normal Skills

One of the another goals for a player is to learn important normal skills upto Level 3 to faciltate leveling and woonz collection. 

It is important to choose and hunt for specific important skills than chasing for evrything. Note that Webshop offers all Normal Skills level 3 maxing option for 2000 Webcoins which can be acquired via hunting in game and events. Know more about webcoins in our currency guide here

Aura Leveling Phase

At 160 and above, every death is costly hence you are required to carry a SavingScroll that can reduce your exp deduction upon death from 2% to 0.5%. 

Acquiring G9 Max. Set: Grinita Floors

There are 3 Grinita Map Floors. Players can enter Grinita First Floor either directly from Event Portal NPC stationed in the midst of Temoz / Quanato or can take the secret passage via Clarb Third Floor. 

There are a total of 8 Warp points (entrances) in Grinita First and Second Floors of which...

  • 7 Warp Points in Grinita First and Second Floors can be accessed to navigate from upper floor to lower floor within the same map and vice versa
  • 1 Warp Point can be accessed to go to the next floor (First>>Second>>Third)

Most Grinita Monsters drop Lucking bag. Lucking Bag is the most fundamental unit to craft Grinita Key and Grinita Coin.
Grinita Statues drop Grinita Keys whilst Grinita Graybone can drop Grinita Coin. Detailed Grinita Floors Guide can be found here.

Item 1
Item 2
Item 3
Item 4
Item 5
Item 6
Item 7
Item 8
Item 9
Grinita Key 100% Ur (1) Thorn (2) Ken (3) Lucking Bag Lucking Bag Lucking Bag Lucking Bag Lucking Bag Lucking Bag
Grinita Coin 90% Ur (1) Thorn (2) Ken (3) Grinita Key Grinita Key Grinita Key Grinita Key Grinita Key Grinita Key

Collect 25 Grinita Coins and claim your G9 Set of choice from Character Panel of the website.

Elatus Daily Quests

Do remember that there are 2 quests that you can take daily once from website called Daily quest present in the Login panel. These Quests have a very high EXP. 

Capabilty test (Hatrel High Exp) Level 100 - 162 Everyday Once Vellgrador Forest High Exp & Lore
Selvarbian Blue Heart (Beta High Exp) Level 100 - 162 Everyday Once Selvarb 3rd Floor High Exp & Lore
Misconduct Level 163 - 165 Everyday Once Bughye High Exp & Lore
Let's find Banshiu in Bughye Level 163 - 165 Everyday Once Bughye High Exp & Lore

You can also buy an Unlimited Daily Quest Bundle using Tokens/Token Coins from our Token Store.

Other Aura Quests

The Mistake of the moment Level 160 - 161 Rameda Tocsique 1st Floor Experience
Lady in red Mantle (cloak) Level 160 - 162 Siiia (Hatrel) Parmurrcallea Experience
Power Vs. Power Level 160 - 162 Hahlleva (Hatrel) Tocsique Second Floor Experience
Alder leaves Level 161 - 164 Sprakki Bughye Experience
Pulpikan! Erlen! Just wait and see! Level 162 - 163 Sprakki (Clororence) Bughye Experience
Head of Purr Level 162 - 165 Dreng (Clororence) Clororence Experience

Other Quests

Hautz's Secret (T)
Hautz's Secret (Q)
Level 100-165 Yarrmo
Rangdel Fourth Floor NPC Relation
An Exciting Proposition Level 160 - 165 Gilraen (Clororence) Clororence Very High Lore


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