Welcome To A3Elatus!

A3Elatus is a fair and free to play, episode 5 with high resolution client, high experience 1x stats server with a great balanced drop rate.


Elatus Exclusive Events

Elatus daily events keep the fun alive and help you progress further in the game.

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Elatus Game Officials!

GM-Inferno and GM-Pylon are the official Game Masters of A3 Elatus. Guide-Max and Guide-Lulu are the official in-game guides.


Rewards & Special Programs!

To improve the quality of gaming, and to reward and recognize Elatians, we have introduced special programs like Elatus Honors, Elatus +, Elatian Gambit, Seasonal Elatian Challenges etc.




Hi Elatians,We are excited to announce the launch of the ultimate Demi-Goddess of Hellmarsh "Evil Rebellu". Evil Rebellu can be summoned by killing its Avatar G...

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Changes, Updates & More Announcement

Changes, Updates & More

Greetings Elatians, We have resumed our server with changes, updates and more. CHANGES TO SUPPORT AND TOKEN SYSTEMWe are announcing several significant ...

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Welcome Elatian

A3Elatus is a fair and free to play, episode 5, high resolution client, high experience 1x stats server with great drop rate. Unlike other servers which are pay to win, A3Elatus is a play to win server. There is nothing you cannot achieve in-game through playing!

We understand that it is a 1x stats server, so we have facilitated players to get initial levels very quickly. We recognise that web shop provides certain players with unfair advantage over ingame players. So to ensure fair play we have built in-game mechanism for players to acquire web shop coins and added certain restrictions for buying items from web shop as well as limited web shop items per account.


Unique End Game Equipments

  • Legend class specific gears (with special options)
  • Ancient class specific gears (with special options)
  • Grade 12 weapons (with special options and abilities & augmentation)
  • Grade 11 weapons (with special options and abilities & augmentation)
  • Grade 10 set (with special options)
  • Grade 10 weapons (with berserker's hit)
  • Grade 9.5 Unique weapons (with special options & augmentation)
  • Ability unique weapons
  • Craftable Redyan’s Necklace (with special options)
  • Redyan’s Ring, Kwaon’s Ring, Billmade’s Ring, Sirrd’s Ring
  • Elatus exclusive Rubellu's Ring & Necklace, Rubal's Ring & Necklace and Maiden's Ring & Necklace, Mercenary's Ring
  • All Unique skills (episode 5 drops)

Server Specials

  • Silbadu's Fort PvE map which opens twice a day
  • Labyrinth: An entire new town which holds the key to all the realms with God bosses
  • Killing Memora gives Karna Weapon to help new players in their quests
  • Mini bosses (EsHigel, EsVonoy, EsKhun, EsYahgon) with special drops
  • Special Hero bosses like Repaka, Graybone and Phoenix ready to be slain
  • Mercenary leveling at Kelp Manor (Non-PK)
  • Elatus Daily quests from site (boosts lore, exp, wz) with special drops
  • Level based Rewards (G6 set + Super Shue for beginners and G8 set later on)
  • Gladiator's Arena free PK map to test your PvP prowess
  • Heijend's Chamber special boss map with multiple bosses to be slain
  • Server shouts for boss kills which congratulates boss slayers
  • Server shouts for rare item drops and crafting to maintain server transparency
  • Server shouts for player kills to show players' PvP skill
  • Weapon augmentations
  • Lore mastery
  • Parole damage
  • Storage Larcs to access storage anywhere in game
  • Full fledged account and character panels with item views

Elatus Unique Programs

  • Elatus Honors
  • Elatus Token Store
  • Web Shop
  • Elatus Plus
  • Elatian Gambit
  • Recycling of Items
  • Seasonal Elatian Challenges
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