Welcome Elatian!

A3Elatus is a fair and free to play, episode 5 with high resolution client, high experience 1x stats server with great drop rate. Unlike other servers which are pay to win, A3Elatus is a play to win server. There is nothing you cannot achieve in-game through playing!

We understand that it is a 1x stats server so we have facilitated players to get initial levels very quickly. We recognise that web shop provides certain players with unfair advantage over ingame players. So to ensure fair play we have built in-game mechanism for players to acquire web shop coins and added certain restrictions for buying items from web shop as well as limited web shop items per account.

Note: We would never keep 45 or 63 options equipment in our servers!

Max Equipment
  • Grade 10 (with extra options)
  • Grade 9.5 Unique weapons (with hidden options)
  • Redyan’s Necklace (Craftable)
  • Redyan’s Ring (drop)
  • Kwaon’s Ring (drop)
  • Billmade’s Ring (drops)
  • Sirrd’s Ring (drops)
  • All Unique skills (episode 5 drops)
Server Specials
  • Mini bosses (EsHigel, EsVonoy, EsKhun, EsYahgon) with special drops
  • Special Hero bosses like
    • Repaka (launched)
    • Graybone (launched)
    • Phoenix (coming soon)
  • Mercy leveling at Selvarb First floor (Non-PK)
  • Player leveling at Nifflgar
  • High exp quests in game
  • Elatus Daily quests from site (boosts lore, exp, wz) with special drops
  • Level based Rewards (G6 set + Super Shue for beginners and G8 set later on)
  • Custom crafting in-game for rare items
  • Temoz and Quanato Memora field are free PK area to awaken the gladiator in you
Special Programs
  • Elatus Honors
  • Elatus Veterans [VET]
  • Web Shop

A3Elatus Management is a team of dedicated A3 enthusiasts whose goal is to provide a great in-game experience of the real A3 gameplay achieved through fair and ethical means. A3 or webshop is not a source of income for our staff but just means to manage server costs. Hence, we don’t encourage anyone to spend their hard earned money unless they feel they don’t have time but we do appreciate it if players want to contribute towards our efforts of running this server sustainably in the long run.