Code of Conduct

Dear Elatians,

Please review this post to go over the code of conduct of A3Elatus. In order to make the server free and fair, the following guidelines needs to be taken into account by all players:

  • Sharing: Sharing of belongings (includes but not limited to, accounts, items, characters, woonz) are in the hands of account owners, i.e., they are solely responsible, accountable for their own belongings. In the case of a dispute arising between the account owner or another individual claiming belongings, ownership, refund or compensation, no support will be provided by the A3Elatus Management Team.
  • Hack and Scam: “Hack” and “Scam” issues in context of A3Elatus comes under the purview of the 1st point. Note: Hack issues arise as a result of betrayal, sharing of accounts, and carelessness while accessing A3Elatus accounts publicly. Scam issues are a result of carelessness while transferring, trading or sharing of items with imposters.
  • Use of third-party software / tools: It is violation of our Code - of Conduct to use any third party software. Use of any third party tools and software may result in penalties or bans of all related accounts. (mind it might contain malware, ransomware or spyware or virus). Use of third party applications (includes but not limited to) like Cheat Engine, A3 Autobot, Packet Editors etc. are strictly prohibited as they hook into functions of the A3 client to manipulate data/packets effectively gaining unfair advantage.
  • Player Responsibilities: It is a player's duty/responsibility to maintain fairness by reporting bugs and not engaging in activities such as, but not limited to, use /exploit of bugs, real cash trade, use of edited clients etc. Players are advised to report bugs as soon as possible and not try to test/exploit. Kindly do not ask for rewards or consideration for bug reporting or testing without Staff's permissions.
  • Abuse/Toxicity: All account holders of A3Elatus are requested to be nice, courteous, and respectful to other players. We at A3Elatus feel that people should have the freedom of speech to embrace game rivalry. The A3Elatus Management team will not interfere or participate in a dispute amongst or between players to ensure fairness of the game. The A3Elatus Management team will not interfere or participate in a dispute amongst or between players in matters concerning verbal abuse, offensive language, swearing and toxicity. This extends to all and any topics, caste, religion, race, color, sex and so on.
  • Real Cash and Token Store: A3Elatus account owners have to access Token store from We do not encourage or tolerate any player, staff, GMs, being indulged in real cash (or equivalent) trading or transferring of any belongings (includes but not limited to, accounts, items, characters, woonz, currency) in real cash (includes but not limited to, INR and any other currencies be real, physical, virtual, crypto, digital) through any means possible. All parties involved in unauthorized, unfair, unacceptable activities will be penalized as deemed necessary.
  • Communication: All players are requested to make all contacts with the A3Elatus Management team through authorised channels only which includes the Discord channel and creating support tickets through Any player attempting to reach out A3Elatus staff using any other means of communication other than mentioned in fifth point will face legal and game related consequences.
  • Transfer/Trade of items: A3Elatus allows its players the right to transfer and trade any item irrespective of its acquisition source (includes but not limited to, bought from Webshop/Token store, traded, crafted, gifted or exchanged).

Every A3Elatus player is requested to strictly follow the above-mentioned guidelines. Happy gaming!

A3Elatus Management Team

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