Elatus+ Guide

Elatus+ is an exclusive premium subscription that can be accessed by pressing 'E' in-game.
Elatus+ gives players exclusive quality of life improvements using in game chat commands in Elatus+ window (press 'E' in-game)


Option 1. 2bil Woonz for 30 days
Option 2. 250 Elatus Tokens for 30 days
Note: Please keep 2bil Woonz in Woonz Inventory [Gold bars such as Gold (S), Gold (M), Gold (L) are not accepted] and Subcribe in Account Panel in the website



1. Send Elatus+ Special shouts to everyone in the server
2. Block/Manage players' chats (max. of 15) whose chats a player does not wish to recieve (all chats)
3. Instant Teleportation to Bastion (A special town for Elatus+ members for quick and easy access to all important maps / NPCs)
4. Instant Teleportation near teleporter NPC towns - Temoz, Quanato, Hatrel, Clororence, Sidhe, Labyrinth
5. Item throw toggling to remove the possibility of throwing items from inventory accidently
6. Public chats (General, Shouts, Elatus+ Special shouts) toggling to play peacefully during toxic environment
7. Friend request toggling to evade friend request detection completely from opponents
8. Send Elatus+ Nation Chats to your Nation-mates in the server

How does Elatus+ feature work?

- Press 'E' in-game to access Elatus+ chat window.
Elatus+ validity and status of Public chat, Item throw, Friend Request status
Command: !e+
Elatus+ Special shout
Command: !s<spacebar>shout
e.g. !s Hello Elatians!
Elatus+ Nation Chat
Sends Nation chats to fellow Nation-mates (e.g. Temozians, Quanatians depending upon Nationality)
Command: !n<spacebar>chat
e.g. !n This is a test shout for Nation chat.
Chat block / ban a player
Command: !cban<spacebar>Player name
e.g. !cban Jones
Public Chat ON
Command: !public<spacebar>on
Public Chat OFF
Command: !public<spacebar>off
Chats blocked: All incoming Shouts, Elatus+ Special Shouts, General chats
Chat unblock / unban a player
Command: !cunban<spacebar>Player name
e.g. !cunban Jones
Check list of chat banned/blocked players (Max. 15 Characters)
Command: !clist

Clear list of chat banned/blocked players
Command: !cclear
Enabling of item discard from Inventory
Command: !throw<spacebar>on
Disabling of item discard from Inventory
Command: !throw<spacebar>off
Instant teleport to Bastion
Command: !tp
Instant Teleportation near teleporter NPCs towns
Command: !go<spacebar>first letter of town
e.g. !go s available towns - t,q,h,c,s,l
Friend request detection
Enable Friend Request Command: !fr<spacebar>on
Disable Friend Request Command: !fr<spacebar>off
  • All commands are case sensitive and are to be used in small case/small letters
  • Some commands which have additional input (like player names, town) needs <spacebar>
  • All commands have their own cooldowns to prevent spam and misuse

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