Changes, Updates & More

By Admin on Apr 11, 2024

Greetings Elatians, 

We have resumed our server with changes, updates and more. 


We are announcing several significant changes to Elatus Gaming's management and support structure. These changes are necessary to ensure the continued operation of the server while acknowledging our limitations in availability and time commitments. 

Key Changes:

    • Reduced Player Support: We will no longer be able to offer direct support to players via any channels (Discord, site, support-ticket, email etc). This includes, but not limited to, inquiries, troubleshooting, bans, in-game, discord, and issue resolution etc.
    • Discontinued Token Recharge: The option to purchase tokens will be discontinued. We will manage server costs independently.
    • Modified Token System: The token store and Webshop will remain operational. We will make items more easily accessible and affordable. Token exchange options will be expanded.
    • Website Feature Changes: Certain website features (Force DC, Offline TP, etc.) will be discontinued to prevent past exploits.
    • Nevia War: Captains will retain control of rosters, and the Nevia War will proceed after the server resumes. Communication channels between players and staff will be unavailable.
    • Ban Policy: Bans will remain permanent and uncontested. Details will not be publicly announced.

We understand this decision may cause concern. This path allows us to continue operating Elatus Gaming while being transparent about our current constraints. We want to provide players with ample time to adjust to these changes. We appreciate your continued support and understanding. 


  • Disabled Force DC feature from website.
  • Disabled Crafting contract feature from website.
  • Disabled Shue level transfer feature from website.
  • Disabled Offline Teleport feature from website.
  • Disabled Taking of daily quest feature from website.
  • Disabled Support ticket feature from website.
  • Disabled Token Recharge feature from website.
  • Added Token Coin to Webshop and Gem store
  • Added Token Coin to recycle
  • Added OPG (Max), Level Shards, Attribute Shards to Token store
  • Added Elatus Jewel to Token store
  • Reduced Monster Seal I,II, III Gem cost by 67% in Gem store
  • Reduced Token Store pricing by up to 70%



  • Level Shard XI, Level Shard XII, Level Shard XIII : Jewels that can upgrade item level by 1 level with 100% success rate
  • Elatus Jewel: Jewel used to upgrade item level from Level 14 to level 15 with 100% success rate
  • Opal (Max), Peridot (Max), Garnet (Max) : Jewels used to Max options of Weapons, equipments (Pants, Boots etc) in 1 try with 100% success rate
  • Attribute Shard: Jewel used to make any eligible item level 10 along with Add addtional Attribute such as Additional Attack, Defence with 100% success rate
  • Talent IV - Silbadu's Life: Grants a permanent Passive of 1020 HP limit to Character. Player has to take 20th Character/Player Power-up 
  • Nevia War: All Nevia Wars are official. And Winners get 500 Webcoins each and other participating players get 100 Webcoins each