AOH: Event & Token Sale

By Admin on Oct 27, 2023

Hello Elatians! This Elatian Anniversary we have some exciting events for you.


Token Sale of 30% Extra Tokens from 4th - 9th December 2023. Minimum recharge of Rs. 2000


  • Large and Small Event Monsters have been enabled in Arena of Honor.
  • Players can go and kill monsters and acquire items like Web Exchange Coin, Woonz Coupon, Grinita Coin, Paranum, Satinum, Crystal of Brilliance, Crystal of Stability, Stone Fragments, Sarghis, Redyan's Crest, Silbadu's Clothpiece, Maiden's Crystal, DTU, DTE, Token Coin, Maiden's Cannon
  • Large Event Monsters have a higher spawn time along with chance of getting the rare items from the list mentioned above.
  • Small Event Monsters upon death provides Reilarc effect whilst Large Event Monsters upon death provides Candy Larc effect.
  • 120 Level PVP shouts enabled for AOH
  • General 1 MIL Shouts enabled while the character is in AOH

Rules to Enter the Map

  • NO GOD  Larcs, Premium Larcs, HP MP Candies
  • NO Unique Weapons, Parts, Rings, Necklaces
  • NO Elatus Mechanics, Power Ups/Talents
  • NO Mercenary, Unique Skills
  • Allowed: G7 Set with G7.5 Weapon
  • Allowed: 120 Level Character
  • Allowed: 100 Level Super Shue (equipped)
  • Allowed: Basic 120 Level Rings and Necklaces
  • Make sure you are not in party or support
  • Make sure you do not have any extra shue or unequipped shue
  • Make sure besides allowed item there are no extra item

Thank you and wish everyone a happy Elatian Anniversary!


A3 Elatus Staff


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