Discord Verification/Guidelines

Hello Elatians,

To prevent unecessary /  unwanted posting on our discord we have added Discord ID Verification ,i.e., only verified Elatian accounts can post on our Discord Server. 

Posting Guidelines

  • Be nice, kind, polite to everyone. Avoid toxicity
  • Be on point with your posts. Try not to spam
  • Use General Section to post or engage with other Elatians
  • Use Help section to ask for help from the Elatus Staff
  • Use Bug-report section to quickly report any bug. Use Support ticket for a detailed bug reporting
  • Use trade, party, sections for their respective purpose only
  • Use Screenshot section to post game related videos, screenshots to flex and show-off
  • Elatus Staff will not engage/intervene in player-to-player communication
  • Do not post, promote, use or involve other server/server names/GMs
  • Be respectful to Elatus Staff at all costs
  • Do not engage in unecessary arguments with Elatus Staff
  • Kindly be patient with your queries and requests
  • Refrain from sharing/using personal details, names of players, family related information

Note: Elatus Staff will not interfere or participate in a dispute amongst or between players in matters concerning verbal abuse, offensive language, swearing and toxicity. This extends to all and any topics, caste, religion, race, color, sex and so on. Any support ticket, Discord tagging or help being sought by a player in this regard will not be addressed or answered by a staff / Admin.


Players can shout in game by simply including # commands into their shouts to automatically post their shouts in relevant sections of discord.

  1.  #trade in shout will post in trade section | e.g. #trade S> Guardian's Necklace pm me offers
  2.  #party in shout will post in party section.
  3.  #help in shout will post in help section.
  4.  #bug in shout will post in #bug-reports section.
  5.  #GM in shout will notify GMs (use only if important/urgent).



  • Need a Discord Account that needs to or already joined our discord server.
  • Need an A3 Elatus Account
  • Need atleast 1 character to be 165 level on the account


How to Verify your Discord

Step 1: Visit a3elatus.com

Step 2: Login to your account on the website

Step 3: Click on ACCOUNT PANEL. You will see DISCORD ID option to add your Discord ID (not discord name) which will be in the format XYZ#XXXX >> click Save

  • Make sure that you put the right Discord ID as it CANNOT BE CHANGED once submitted.
  • Do NOT try to change Discord ID else you will NOT be able to get verified accounts.
  • It should be auto-verified within 1 hour.
  • The verified accounts are only applicable to 165 level character accounts.
  • The discord accounts will get auto-renamed to the 165 level character (alphabetically incase of multiple 165 level characters)


A3 Elatus

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